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At Kick Ass Dental we use Pola Office+ containing 37.5% hydrogen peroxide for in chair teeth whitening. Pola Day CP, contain 35% carbamide peroxide, for touch up. Pola products are made in Australia by SDI.

We also provide Opalescence Go for DIY teeth whitening at home.
At Kick Ass Dental we are a firm believer in preventive dentistry. This is the key to reducing cavities, gum diseases and other oral woes. If you have private dental health cover, your 6 monthly comprehensive examination (including radiograph if required), clean (prevent gums disease) and fluoride treatment (prevent caries) is fully covered by your health fund, that means no gap payment at all.

If you do not have private dental health insurance, we charge $190.

Visual examination

Visual examination is looking with the naked eye and examine the teeth and the surrounding tissues such as gums, palate, floor of the mouth and tongue. Visual examination only provides a limited view of the teeth and therefore do not detect all decay of the teeth or disease of the supporting structure.

Comprehensive examination

Comprehensive examination includes visual examination and radiograph of the teeth. Which will provide information for diagnosis of decay and disease of the teeth and its supporting structure
Pathology of the bone
Periodontal Disease, Periapical Pathology

Radiograph aka X-ray

Radiographs are essential part of examination. Radiographs show hidden decay in your teeth, disease in the supporting structure of your teeth such as roots disease, gums disease and pathology in your bone.

Radiographs taken at Kick Ass Dental are digital, using high resolution sensor that produce digital images instantly. This method uses the least amount of radiation. Dental radiograph emits about 0.005mSv of radiation, which is equivalent to a 1 to 2 hours flight or the same radiation from sunlight that you receive each day.

Fissure sealant and Fillings

At Kick Ass Dental we use composite and GIC material to restore your teeth. These materials are all tooth coloured. All your dental restorations will seamlessly match to your existing teeth.

Removable prosthesis are denture or false teeth that replaces your missing teeth. At Kick Ass Dental we offer 2 types: acrylic or plastic and metal denture
Acrylic Denture

Metal Denture

A crown restores a damaged or fractured tooth. A crown can be made of several different materials that will recreate the function and shape of a natural tooth.
We refer all our implants to a local specialist as we believe this will achieve a better and satisfying outcome for our patients
Periodontal Disease aka Gums Disease.

Periodontal disease is the inflammation and infection of the gums, which is cause by plaque and calculus. Gingivitis, early gums disease.

Sign of gingivitis is usually bleeding on brushing. Gingivitis can be successful treated by your dentist with plaque and calculus removal followed by good oral hygiene upkeep at home (i.e., brushing and flossing daily of your teeth).

Periodontal Disease, advance gums disease.

Signs of periodontal disease are red swollen and bleeding gums. Bad breath. Bad taste in the mouth. Abscess between teeth and gums. Loose teeth, and gaps appearing between teeth.

Treatment will require a deep clean of all teeth. This will remove hidden calculus on the root’s surfaces of the teeth. Followed by good oral hygiene care at home and 3-6 months dentist review. Specialist treatment required if recurrent of periodontal disease.

Root canal therapy is the treatment of the infected or inflamed pulp and root canals network that exist inside the roots of your teeth.

Infected or inflamed pulp and the root canals network can be caused by:


Deep cavity

Gum disease

Cracked tooth

Extreme wear


Breakdown of a filling or crown

Repeated dental work on the tooth

The symptoms may include. Pain or sensitivity on eating hot or cold food. Pain and swelling in the gums surrounding the tooth.

Root canal therapy is needed to prolong the use of the tooth. Root canal therapy is the treatment of the inflamed and infected root canal network by removal of infected material and disinfect the canal network. Once the canal network is disinfected, the empty canal network needs to be filled to prevent bacteria invasion. The crown of the tooth needs to be restored with a cuspal protected restoration for long term function.